9 Takeaways from International Women’s Day 2021

fltr — Teresa Borasino, Yolanda Rother, Jeanette Chedda, Naomie Pieter

Navigating and battling a plethora of injustices right now may feel overwhelming. On the one hand, we find ourselves in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, affecting underserved communities around the globe most. On the other, international protests against racism and discrimination make it very evident that we are far away from achieving equality between genders, races, abilities. But it is the lived reality of some, which is why feminism today can only be intersectional. This message lies at the core of the discussion “Feminist Leadership in Times of Crisis”, which took place on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2021, hosted by WORM and Kontra Rotterdam. The discussion attempted to tackle a variety of topics — find nine key takeaways from speakers below.

Follow the speakers and organizations:

Silveria Jacobs — The right honourable Silveria Jacobs Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.

Teresa Borasino — a visual artist and activist. She is the co-founder of Fossil Free Culture NL, a collective of artists, activists and cultural workers working at the intersection between art and climate activism.

Naomie Pieter — Intersectional queer and anti-racist activist. Founder of ‘ Pon Di Pride’ and co-founder of ‘Black Queer & Trans Resistance NL’, as well as the founder of Black Pride NL.

Jeanette Chedda — In addition to being a writer, web editor, and disability rights (anti-ableism) activist, Jeanette is also running for the Parliament as candidate number four for BIJ1.

Yolanda Rother (Moderator)— A community activator, conference curator, speaker and moderator. Berliner with German-Jamaican roots, dealing with issues around open government, digital transformation, diversity, inclusion, urban development and decolonization.

WORM is a Rotterdam based non-profit foundation and a multi-media alternative cultural centre focused on experimental, new media art, avant-garde and underground art.

KONTRA Rotterdam is a Rotterdam-based grass-roots project that explores the boundaries between art and activism while seeking alternative ways of art-making, partying and art management. Thank you to the organizers Joana Cavaco & Nikki Georgiou!

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https://kontrarotterdam.wordpress.com/home/ https://www.sdgwatcheurope.org/gender-equality-achievable-if-care-gap-and-care-as-valuable-work-are-recognized/






Yolanda Rother is an International Conference Curator, Community Activator, Speaker and Moderator based in Berlin.

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Yolanda Rother

Yolanda Rother is an International Conference Curator, Community Activator, Speaker and Moderator based in Berlin.